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No Minimum Hourly Requirement

No Minimum
Hourly Requirement

While most other Caregiver agencies require their clients to utilize their senior services for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours per day, 24Hr HomeCare has no hourly minimum*. We offer seniors the flexibility of having our expert Caregivers provide assistance for as little as 30 minutes or 24 hours a day.

Perhaps you may need someone to make a healthy meal for your mother, bring her to the local hospital, or simply take her outdoors for a walk. Oftentimes, these short activities are too difficult to be completed within the hour. Our Caregivers can come to a designated home or location, provide assistance where it is needed, and continue to help others, all in a day’s work.

24Hr HomeCare always strives to provide the best quality of in home care that not only meets, but exceeds both your and your loved one’s expectations; regardless of the amount or type of senior care that is requested. The reason why we require no hourly minimum is because we believe in leaving the decision up to our senior clients and their families. The lack of an hourly minimum means that you and your loved ones can avoid paying for costly services which may be considered unnecessary or not required. At 24Hr HomCare, we not only care about our clients’ well-being, but their financial situation as well. We aim to provide affordable in home care that is also second to none in terms of quality.

*some restrictions may apply in designated areas