Are Senior Home Care Costs Worth It?

As our parents grow older, it’s important that they have someone by their side to ensure that they have a high quality of …

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As our parents grow older, it’s important that they have someone by their side to ensure that they have a high quality of life.

However, many of us have full-time jobs and a family, which can make it challenging to juggle taking care of our parents without making a drastic lifestyle change. Today, more and more family members are utilizing senior care to take care of their parents or loved ones. But how much does senior in-home care cost, and is it really worth it?

According to the “Cost of Care Survey,” by Genworth, national average home care costs less than adult daycare, assisted living, and skilled nursing.

Senior Home Care Costs Compared With Other Options:

The national senior home care cost per hour ranges from $10 to $36, compare that with:

  • Nursing homes: can cost up to $948 a day
  • Assisted living community: can cost up to $3,450 a month

Now, that you’ve seen the cost of home care services – it’s also important that you see the benefits that come with hiring someone to take care of your loved one.

Benefits of Senior Home Care:

One of the most important benefits of having senior care is the ability to receive home care right in your home. 

Since our aging loved ones are in a familiar environment, they are more relaxed and open to receiving care, whereas going to a strange place (such as a nursing home) may cause them stress or confuse them. The most common reason seniors hire caregivers is that they want to feel independent again. As our parents’ age, they find it harder to get out of the house, and their daily living activities are greatly reduced.

With a caregiver, they are able to still do activities of daily living including:

  • Go on walks without fear of falling
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Explore their area or new places


Due to working full time or taking care of our own families, it may be hard to find time to visit our parents or loved ones. Seniors who don’t have a lot of social interaction are more likely to feel depressed. But with a caregiver by their side, they have a daily companion who knows them and cares for them. A caregiver can be available for as little as 4 hours a day, or provide constant supervision and live with a client.

Giving us peace of mind: 

Knowing that our parents are under the care of highly trained caregivers relieves any stress that we may have about hiring someone to care for them. 24 Hour Home Care caregivers undergo a rigorous training program to learn about all aspects of in-home care, including dementia care, readmission prevention, and senior nutrition. Having a properly trained caregiver take care of an aging loved one is the best way to ensure high-quality care. 

With all these benefits, it’s obvious to see that home care is well worth the cost because it provides our loved ones with the chance to feel appreciated and well cared for. It also shows families that they do not have to feel alone during this delicate time.

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