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Leaving your loved one’s well-being in the hands of strangers can cause major anxiety and stress for all parties involved. You will be flooded with tons of questions and emotions. Am I making the right decision? Is the Caregiver improving my loved one’s quality of life? Can I trust the Caregiver inside my loved one’s home?
You can rest easy knowing that 24 Hour Home Care did not become Woodland Hill’s number one home care agency by accident. Our dedication, quality of Caregivers, and passion has made us the premier home care company in the local area. Each 24 Hour Home Care client receives a free in-home consultation when they first inquire about our services. After the evaluation, our Care experts will provide their analysis and potential senior care solutions that take into account your loved one’s health needs, personality, and preferences. A caregiver will then be hand-picked based on the prescribed care plan and with the needs of the client in mind by 24 Hour Home Care’s highly skilled care team. All caregivers are thoroughly trained with 24 Hour Home Care’s Signature Specialty Trainings, including fall prevention, diagnosis-specific nutrition, emergency preparedness through the American Red Cross and Alzheimer’s & Dementia specific trainings The combination of top-notch customer service, leading innovation, and state of the art technology has allowed 24 Hour Home Care to create a quality of home care that cannot be duplicated. We are the answer to your home care predicament. Please call (818) 385-0227 and speak with a representative at our Encino location today!

Why Choose Senior In Home Care from 24 Hour Home Care?

24 Hour Home Care is committed to being your shoulder to lean on and providing honest advice for your loved one’s situation during this delicate time. No one should feel alone when looking for senior home care solutions. Here at 24 Hour Home Care we treat our clients and their loved ones like family.

Our caregivers are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year
24 Hour
Create a flexible schedule tailored to your family's needs and care plan
(some restrictions may apply in designated areas)
Holding caregivers accountable with cutting-edge technology
Real Time Caregiver
Monitoring System
Client satisfaction is our #1 priority
Assurance of Care
Specialized plans created to meet needs of each individual
Specific Care
Advanced training and education for all caregivers
Specialty Trainings

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