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Why Consider In-Home Care For Your Senior?

Aging safely and happily at home allows elderly individuals to hold onto their independence while receiving the non-medical professional in home care they need.

Offering a wide variety of services such as meal preparation, light housekeeping and companionship, 24 Hour Home Care has been providing top-notch 24 hour caregivers and quality customer service in the Walnut Creek area for the past several years.

Complimentary Senior In-Home Care Consultation

A complimentary consultation is available, where a tailor-made care plan will be established based on the clients needs and expectations.

A caregiver will then be hand-picked based on the prescribed care plan and with the needs of the client in mind by our highly skilled care team. All caregivers are thoroughly trained with 24 Hour Home Care’s Signature Specialty Training, including fall prevention, diagnosis-specific nutrition, emergency preparedness through the American Red Cross and Alzheimer’s & Dementia specific training’s. 

Give your patients flexibility in their schedules by utilizing our services on an as needed basis – whereas other home care companies may require a 2-3 day a week minimum.

About Our Walnut Creek, CA Office

24 Hour Home Care is a company that specializes in providing the elderly with non-medical home care assistance at home. We’re located on Hawthorne Boulevard in Walnut Creek, California, and serve our neighbors in Berkeley, Danville, Orinda, Rossmoor, Lafayette, Moraga, and Piedmont. 


Famous for its academic culture, Berkeley is home to the University of California, Berkeley and more than 121,000 residents. The bustling city was named after 18th-century Irish bishop and philosopher George Berkeley. 

Berkeley sits on the borders of Oakland, Emeryville, Albany, and Kensington. It’s also parallel to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge across the Bay, which connects out to the Pacific Ocean. Downtown Berkeley is a cultural and urban hub of arts, dining, shopping, and entertainment. Although filled with many young inhabitants, Berkeley is still home to thousands of seniors who are aging in place.

More than 14% of Berkeley’s population is over 65 years old, and many of them don’t have access to a vehicle. Certified aids like the caregivers at 24 Hour Home Care can offer transportation and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 


Danville, California, is one of the only incorporated municipalities that uses “town” instead of “city” for its name. It is located inland of the San Francisco Bay between Walnut Creek, Mt. Diablo, Pleasanton, and Hayward. 

Despite its quaint impression, Danville is a bustling town with nearly 45,000 residents who enjoy the local theaters, art galleries, parks, museums, libraries, and historical sites like the Iron Horse Regional Trail. 

Eighteen percent of the residents in Danville are 65 years or older—and nearly 1,400 of them live alone. Navigating growing areas like Danville can be a challenge, but holding onto a sense of independence and maintaining a social life is essential for the aging population. The expert caregivers at 24 Hour Home Care can provide transportation and company to your loved ones in Danville. 


Orinda is a charming community with around 195,000 residents who commute to larger cities like Oakland and San Francisco. Ranked as Forbes’s second-friendliest town in the United States, there’s no question why Orinda is one of the Bay Area’s fastest-growing cities. 

Orinda is home to a rustic landscape that highlights the outdoors, making it ideal for hikers and naturalists. There are plenty of parks, trails, and theaters for its outdoorsy and entertainment-loving residents. 

Nearly a quarter of Orinda’s population is over 65 years old, and 20% of those seniors live alone. 24 Hour Home Care offers non-medical assistance to help seniors in Orinda get around with ease while also offering services like meal prep, grocery shopping, and running errands. 


Rossmoor is a unique area in California because it is a planned community that is wholly dedicated to those over 55 years old, which means at least one person in each household must be 55 years or older. The community’s development began in 1963 and is now home to nearly 7,000 residential units with around 11,160 residents. 

Rossmoor has a growing population as it is situated near Leisure World Seal Beach, a retirement community, and Sunrise of Seal Beach, an assisted-living facility. The area offers plenty of activities, including recreational facilities, hiking trails, entertainment, restaurants and bars, and highly-rated schools for residents’ children. 

Around 22% of the 55-plus residents in Rossmoor live alone. Although most residents have access to cars, those who live alone must receive the proper care, especially if they are residents of an assisted living facility. 24 Hour Home Care is home to certified caregivers who can keep your loved ones company, offer errands like grocery shopping and meal prep, and provide a safe way around town. 


Formerly known as “La Fayette,” this city was initially named after Marquis de Lafayette of the American Revolutionary War. Deeply nestled in the mountains near Briones Regional Park, Lafayette is home to 26,000 residents and is part of the Bay Area Rapid Transit station (BART) public transit system. 

Lafayette is known for its highly-rated quality of life with excellent schools, low crime, and a bustling downtown area. The city’s hills are lined with oak trees, and along with access to several parks, the area is ideal for those who love the outdoors. Locals refer to this area as Lamorinda since it is in such close contact with Moraga and Orinda. 

Of the 26,000 residents in Lafayette, 18% are 65 years of age or older. Unfortunately, many seniors don’t have access to a vehicle, making getting around tricky—and it’s especially challenging for those who live alone. 24 Hour Home Care offers certified caregivers who can give your family peace of mind by providing non-medical care that includes transportation, running errands, and socialization. 


With just under 20,000 residents, Moraga is a beautiful city with the culture and entertainment anybody would want in the San Francisco Bay Area. Moraga was named in honor of Joaquin Moraga, a rancher who founded the town and is the son and grandson of famous 18th-century expeditionists of California. 

Moraga is located inland near Walnut Creek, Berkeley, and Oakland. The area offers many recreational activities, like plenty of arts, entertainment, dining, shopping, and history. The site is incredibly ethnically and socially diverse.

Nearly 22% of the residents in Moraga are 65 years old or older. And while social interaction is a significant factor for health among aging seniors, almost all of the seniors in Moraga live alone. This can be especially concerning for loved ones, but an experienced caregiver from 24 Hour Home Care can provide peace of mind, and our care plans can be beneficial for the whole family. 


Piedmont is located on the Northern California coast, at the head of the San Francisco Bay. This thriving city offers an abundance of arts, culture, entertainment, dining, and tourist attractions, like wine country and Chinatown.

In the Roaring 20s, Piedmont was known as the “City of Millionaires” because more millionaires lived here than anywhere else in the United States. Although this statistic has changed, Piedmont still maintains its classy and endless entertaining downtown area. 

Today, around 11,000 people reside in Piedmont, and 21% of them are 65 years of age or older and live alone. Getting around bustling cities like Piedmont can be challenging, especially for aging citizens or those who may have a disability, and public transportation isn’t readily available. That’s why so many families choose 24 Hour Home Care. Our certified caregivers can provide comfort, company and perform tasks like errands to make your loved one’s life much easier.

Why Partner With 24 Hour Home Care?

Our unique services set us apart from other Southern California home care companies.

  • Ridewith24 is an on-demand transportation service that can be utilized without a smartphone for seniors who can’t drive on their own.
  • Hospital to Your Home is a step-by-step customized plan to help your loved one recover from a hospital stay by staying on track with medications, follow-up doctor appointments, and free home safety and risk evaluation checks.
  • Signature Specialty Trainings provides certification and extensive training for caregivers in fall prevention programs, diagnosis-specific nutrition, emergency preparedness, degenerative diseases, and transitional care and readmission prevention.

Our other services include:

  • Personal care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Respite care

*some restrictions may apply in designated areas

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