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Ventura, CA Senior In Home Care Services & Caregivers Near Me

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have prepared a one-sheet that highlights how 24 Hour Home Care is responding to the pandemic: Click Here for the COVID-19 One-Sheet

Why Consider In-Home Care for Your Senior?

In-home care provides both you and your senior loved one peace of mind. It is comforting to know that someone is attending to the needs of your loved one when you aren’t with them. Most people would prefer to take care of their parents or grandparents on their own, but this is often not possible or realistic.

However, with our home care services in Ventura County, your loved one can have 24/7 non-medical in-home care. Our highly qualified and specialty-trained caregivers will take care of your elderly like family. We will also keep you in the loop with any observable changes or concerns.

Complimentary Senior In-Home Care Consultation

Before you sign up for in-home care, we provide a free virtual consultation to answer any of your questions.This consultation enables you to meet 24 Hour Home Care staff and receive information about our services in Ventura County, giving you confidence that your loved one will be in good hands.

We will answer your questions during this meeting and begin compiling information to create a fully customized care plan.

About Our Ventura, CA Office

In the heart of Ventura County, our main office is central to all locations within the branch. Servicing numerous locations around the area, we can swiftly get to your loved ones for any non-medical in-home care needs. Senior care is our number one priority, and we do all we can to assist in every aspect.

Nestled in between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County, Ventura has a lot to offer seniors. Just an hour’s drive northwest of Los Angeles, our Ventura branch is ready to serve you and your loved one today. You can find us in Oxnard, Moorpark, Ojai, Simi Valley, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Santa Paula, and Fillmore.


While Oxnard may be considered expensive compared to the rest of the US, its cost of living makes it an excellent location for seniors in California. The crime rate is 5.13% below the national average, and, as of 2019, nearly 10% of the population consists of seniors.

As a more affordable place to live than other California cities, Oxnard is desirable for anyone who wants to be close to large cities yet still enjoy a quieter lifestyle. It is only a few miles from the beach and beautiful downtown Ventura.

Oxnard received a score of 57 on AreaVibes for its parks, numerous grocery stores, and an abundance of restaurants. If you or your aging family member already lives here, we are nearby to assist you with your care and needs. We can transport seniors anywhere they need to go, provide light housekeeping, prepare meals, and more.


Moorpark is located in the heart of Ventura County and offers many safe outdoor activities and recreational areas, making it an excellent option for senior living in the area.. 

The population is over 13% seniors, which means there are plenty of people for you to gather with and enjoy retirement. There are multiple golf courses and regional parks nearby, so it’s the perfect place for aging adults to regularly get outside and enjoy some exercise and fresh air. And when their grandkids are in town, seniors can visit America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College or Underwood Family Farms for a fun outing.

Named one of the top ten safest cities in California in 2021, Moorpark boasts low crime rates and is a friendly place to live. With several necessary amenities to help you stay active. If you reside in Moorpark, we are close by to help you care for your loved ones and maintain their health with our customized care plans.


Like Moorpark, Ojai’s cost of living is above the national and state average. Still, it has a crime rate 55.85% below the national average. And, as of 2019, seniors made up nearly 30% of Ojai’s population, so you know it’s a desirable and welcoming community for seniors.

Nestled in the mountains of northern Ventura County, the quiet country life keeps you away from the overwhelm of the city. Ojai scored a 69 on AreaVibes for being a safe and friendly place to live.

If your family resides in Ojai, we are close enough to provide much-needed companionship. Seniors struggle with loneliness and depression more than most people realize. That’s why the consistent friendship and companionship of a caregiver for seniors goes a long way. 

Simi Valley

Located only 40 minutes away from Los Angeles and 20-30 minutes east of Ventura, Simi Valley is a prime location for seniors.

The cost of living is higher than the national and state average, so it is more expensive. However, Simi Valley boasts a crime rate nearly 58% lower than the national average. Nearly 15% of its residents are over the age of 65.

Older family members living in Simi Valley can also enjoy the Tapo Canyon Park’s plentiful outdoor activities. The easy walking trails and well-manicured parks make this area a true pleasure to reside in. And, when they’re ready to return home, our comprehensive services and in-home caregivers can help out with meal preparation and transportation services for seniors.

Westlake Village

Westlake Village has one of the highest senior populations on this list. Westlake Village is a family-friendly location with grocery stores, restaurants, and parks in abundance. For seniors who live here, you can visit several wineries and breweries with friends or spend your day out at the golf course. 

There are also several state parks to the south. Seniors need to exercise to stay healthy. Having nearby parks and estates can help you walk and stay fit while enjoying your community. Westlake Village scored an 81 on AreaVibes, making it one of the most livable cities in Ventura County.

If you already live in Westlake Village, we can assist your family’s seniors with light housekeeping and other in-home supportive services. 

Newbury Park

Newbury Park is very close to Thousand Oaks, which is considered an incredibly safe location with a crime rate nearly 53% lower than the national average. That’s great news for a place that has hiking trails for miles. For example, Big Sycamore Canyon is a uniquely picturesque spot for all ages to get exercise and enjoy the beautiful sights in nature. 

Right now, seniors make up 20% of the population in Newbury, which means that your loved one can meet and connect with like-minded residents. There are plenty of community activities to enjoy, like the weekly farmers’ markets that pop up throughout the year.

Whether you are new to Newbury Park, or have lived here for years, we can help you get comfortable. We can assist with personal care to help your loved one feel comfortable in their environment.

Santa Paula

Situated in northern Ventura County, Santa Paula is located nearby several regional parks and a local airport. With several museums to tour, you will never stop learning and exploring while living here. Santa Paula also has a decent population of senior citizens, with 16% of the adult population older than 65 years of age. 

Santa Paula, also known as the “Citrus Capital of the World”, has a relatively low cost of living, which means you can enjoy retirement without having to worry about your bank account.

There are several reasons to live in Santa Paula. From the lower cost-of-living to the dozens of fun activities, you are sure to find something that helps you. When living in Santa Paula, we can help your loved ones receive important medication reminders and health check-ins. We are here for you at all times to help you enjoy your well-earned retirement.


Fillmore is a quiet town of 15,000 in the northeast corner of Ventura County. Like Santa Paula, Fillmore has a fairly low cost of living. It also boasts a lower crime rate coming in at 63.71% below the national average. 

This picturesque and charming small town is home to quite a few interesting sites, such as the Fillmore Historical Museum and the Giessinger Winery and Tasting Room. If your loved one lives here, they’ll have plenty to do as well as friends to share their time with: 12% of individuals living in Fillmore are senior residents.

If you’re their primary caregiver, know that we’re always available to assist. We understand that taking care of senior family members is a big responsibility. Let our respite care professionals come in and provide reliable and compassionate help for all aspects of your loved one’s life, including medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, and so much more.

Why Partner With 24 Hour Home Care?

Our unique services set us apart from other Southern California home care companies.

  • Ridewith24 is an on-demand transportation service that can be utilized without a smartphone for seniors who can’t drive on their own.
  • Hospital to Your Home is a step-by-step customized plan to help your loved one recover from a hospital stay by staying on track with medications, follow-up doctor appointments, and free home safety and risk evaluation checks.
  • Signature Specialty Trainings provides certification and extensive training for caregivers in fall prevention programs, diagnosis-specific nutrition, emergency preparedness, degenerative diseases, and transitional care and readmission prevention.

Our other services include:

  • Personal care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Respite care

*some restrictions may apply in designated areas

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