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Is In-Home Care Better Than Assisted Living?

Is In-Home Care Better Than Assisted Living?

Senior Home Care in Plano

Do you have an aging parent or loved one who is no longer as self-sufficient as they used to be? While it happens to everyone eventually, it can be a difficult time when you need to come to terms with the fact that it’s happening to someone so close to you. However, with the right care choice, it doesn’t have to be difficult or big change.

Whether they need a little or a lot of help, it’s important to make a decision on how they can get the care they need to live their life the best way possible. You should never feel like you’re abandoning them by getting some extra, professional help through in-home care or assisted living. While both are viable options for your loved one, home care in Plano offers many advantages to assisted living that your parent or loved one will appreciate.



There’s a good chance your loved one has lived in his or her current home for a long time. They’ve made great memories there, watched their kids and grandkids grow up, and collected sentimental items that surround them every day. They won’t have to choose their favorite clothes and other items to take with them only to leave everything else behind. Since the care comes to them, they get to keep all the possessions they love.

Not only do they love their home and what’s inside, but they most likely have many friends nearby and a community they love as well. Taking all that away to move  them to an assisted living facility is completely unnecessary. When you seek out in-home care, everything they’ve grown to love about their home and community for many years will still surround them every day.

On the contrary, moving to a completely new place where nothing is familiar can be very traumatizing at an already difficult time in one’s life. Suddenly being surrounded by strangers is a very difficult adjustment. It’s hard for anyone to admit they need some help, but getting help while still surrounded by familiar things and faces will make the change that much easier.

One-on-One Attention

At an assisted living facility, there is rarely one-on-one attention, and it would be easy for your loved one to get lost in the shuffle. With in-home care, one-on-one attention is just the way it is. Caregivers won’t have to split their attention, and your loved will be able to get the assistance they need.

The care that your loved one receives may be given by the same caregiver, giving them a chance to form a relationship that will make it easier for both the elderly individual and the caregiver alike.

Senior using a walker

Personalized Caregiver Match

With the one-on-one attention in-home care brings, you might be worried the caregiver and your loved one won’t be compatible. With 24 Hour Home Care, that’s not a problem at all. Personalities vary greatly between seniors, and 24 Hour Home Care will help find the perfect caregiver match. If by any chance your loved one is matched with a caregiver and is anything less than fully satisfied, any reevaluations and adjustment will be made at no extra charge.

Specially Trained Caregivers

When you choose in-home care, you won’t have to worry that the caregiver won’t have enough training or expertise for your loved one’s specific needs. Not only will an initial consultation ensure your loved one’s caregiver will be able to adequately meet all their needs, but they undergo thorough training for the “what-ifs” as well.

Falls are consistently the leading cause of injury for seniors, so 24 Hour Home Care caregivers undergo rigorous training in fall prevention for your peace of mind. They’re also trained in home safety and organization, shower safety, medication reminders, and emergency preparedness. The caregivers receive Alzheimer’s and Dementia training, and therefore are very effective in working with patients with these diseases among others.

If your loved one needs someone there to cook meals, in-home caregivers are well-equipped to prepare healthy meals according to any specific dietary restrictions or needs. The caregivers can even teach the seniors how to recreate the meals themselves, if that’s something they desire.


Senior CareCustomized Plan

Wherever extra help is needed among seniors, the amount of help needed varies greatly. With in-home care, the caregiver will arrange a customized plan to fit the needs of the individual. Whether they need meals cooked, cleaning done, rides to the grocery store, or all of the above and anything in between, in-home caregivers will cater to your loved one’s specific needs.

The care is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but do not require you to use the services 24/7. There’s no minimum care amount, and it can be used on an as-needed basis. Your still-vibrant loved one will still get privacy and alone time when desired. At an assisted living facility, it’s hard to find the privacy they occasionally need and still desire. If your loved one is alone and an emergency does arise, a caregiver will be able to arrive quickly.

The Best Care Possible

By choosing in-home care in Plano for your aging loved one, you are giving them so much more than the help they need. You are giving them companionship, safety, security, and the chance to live their life to the fullest, even in their later years. When you put your trust in a qualified in-home caregiver, you will also rest easier knowing that your loved one will get what they need while still remaining in their comfortable, familiar surroundings. Their life won’t be turned upside down, and they’ll still get to stick to their normal routines with a qualified “assistant” by their side. When seniors go to an assisted living home, almost nothing is the same.

Give your loved one the best care possible for their changing needs by going with in-home care. You’ll get a reliable, experienced, compassionate caregiver who is trustworthy in every situation. Getting quality care is a big and sometimes difficult step, so make it easy by choosing the best in-home care in Plano.

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Client Reviews

24 Hour Home Care review summary

Reviewer: Patricia
Patricia 2020-09-18 via Google
I like working for 24hr home care because they allow me to have a flexible schedule and I can take advantage of how far away from home I'd like to travel for work.
Reviewer: Liliana D
Liliana D 2020-09-18 via Google
Improving getting better and better really listen to our voice send us a recognition letter congratulating us as frontline workers, send us a little gift for our performance, send us an gift certificate from amazon for school supplies pack of $30 dollars for our children looking forward for more improvements feels good to be recognize as a great frontline worker helps us get more motivated afterall thats going on. Ive never got anything or a congratulations from them ever its the first time in the 3 years ive work with them and today they call me to say happy bday i feel special. Thank you 24hr homecare
Reviewer: Tatyana
Tatyana 2020-09-18 via Google
Pros: It’s nice working here. With this agency, you have a very flexible schedule. There are a lot of 4-5 hour shifts, although they do offer overnight shifts as well from 8 hours, maybe 12. You can qualify for employee benefits after 1 year of working here. They have “emergency rate” wages as well, these are last minute shifts that can raise from $1-5 an hour; if they hired you at $14hr and they give you an (e-rate) emergency rate then it’ll probably be from $15, $16, $17+ depending on the case. Traveling is required and they did have a virtual interview with me. They have employees working 24 hours if you decide to call them. They use the CC-Go app to clock in and clock out. They also give you a link to a corporate perks website that will give you discounts on phones, plane tickets, hotels ect. Cons: Communication with the office/managers can be difficult at times because when you call, anyone/random person can answer. My personal recommendation as a company request for employee(s): Sending each caregiver a “care package” in a ziplock bag with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, ect. in case a facility or client doesn’t have the supplies needed. Having these “care packages” would help the company prevent any further sicknesses when dealing with urination and bowel movements if anything were to happen.
Reviewer: Samantha
Samantha 2020-09-13 via Google
Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Samantha
Samantha 2020-09-13 via Google
Great, award-winning company!
Reviewer: Samantha
Samantha 2020-09-13 via Google
Great company! Highly recommend.
Reviewer: CAROL
CAROL 2020-08-01 via Google
Reviewer: Laura
Laura 2020-06-12 via Google
Our care givers are loving, friendly and devoted. They are family! Thank you for being here for us.
Reviewer: Richard
Richard 2020-06-09 via Google
Our Care-giver Mudrakat is a blessing for us, with a big heart, and a very professional approach and skills - she will go far...
Reviewer: Raul
Raul 2020-05-28 via Google
Great place to work for!

The Most Trusted Caregivers

The success of our clients and company is entirely dependent on the quality of our caregivers. We make certain to find and provide our senior clients with the industry's best caretakers so that they have a positive in-home care experience. We submit all of our caregivers through nationwide background checks, assessment tests, and verify multiple references. All of our caregivers are required to be compassionate, reliable, experienced, and above all else, TRUSTWORTHY. We understand that you are entrusting your loved one's home and well-being with our company, and we take that very seriously.

24 Hour Home Care® is committed to improving the lives of our senior clients. By assisting seniors with their daily living activities, we are able to keep them at home where they are comfortable and allow them to thrive during this chapter of their lives. Not only do we strive to exceed customer satisfaction, but we strive to exceed employee satisfaction. We want all of our caregivers to be proud and happy to work for 24 Hour Home Care® so that they will provide the best senior home care possible!


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