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How You Can Be There for Dad, Just as He Was There for You

As you get older, you start to realize how much your parents mean to you and how much they did for you when you were younger. Now that you are grown up and your parent is older, it is your turn to care for them the way they cared for you. Your father was likely your hero growing up. He took you under his wing and taught you the ropes of life, just as a father should. It is your time to be there for your father, just as he was there for you.

As your father gets older, there will likely be a lot of changes to his demeanor. You may notice that he wants to do things on his own, as he is trying to prove to both you and himself that he is capable of still accomplishing every day tasks. Your father may even try to overcompensate, leading him to be at risk for falls or injuries, as he tries to prove that he is not as fragile as you may think. It is important that you are there to support your father during this time of transition both mentally and emotionally, but physically as well.

If you can physically be there for your father, spending time with him will mean more to him than you will know. You can sit and talk for hours or choose to simply help him with tasks that you know he needs help with. Spending time with him accomplishing these tasks can allow for you two to spend quality time together, while you are subtly helping him out around the house. You can help him with housekeeping or laundry, while you reminisce about the memories that you both have.

However, if your time is limited or you may not be close enough to your father to physically be there for him, allow 24 Hour Home Care to be there for him on your behalf. Our caregivers are professionals that will come into your father’s home and help him with his every day tasks. Our caregivers can help with meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping and personal care. Your father will have help around the house and an extra set of eyes that will allow you to be at ease knowing he is safe to age comfortably in his own home. Our caregivers also offer companionship that your father will appreciate, as he will have someone to talk to and be able to socialize with.

Our caregivers would be happy to help assist with your father and allow him to have the protection and reassurance that he gave you growing up. Your father was your champion as a child, help him conquer his biggest challenge in life by providing a caregiver to help him daily.

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How You Can Be There During Hospice

Hospice Is defined as caring for the terminally ill at home and making their final moments or days as comfortable as possible. This can be a scary time for the client and their loved ones, as it is filled with uncertainty and the unknown. It may feel that you are simply helpless and just waiting for your loved one to pass onto the other realm. While we know that every person will deal with this situation differently, there are some universal ways you can be there for your loved one on hospice.

Try talking to them, even if you think that they do not hear you. This is more therapeutic for you than anything. Remember to tell them everything that you have weighing on your chest. Expressing your feelings can allow you to feel as though you have closure from the situation. If your loved one can carry on conversations with you, try to sit down and talk to them about things that are important to you both. Reminiscing on the good times can help you and your loved one forget about reality for a moment and simply remember better times.

Simply sitting there and being there helps them more than you know. If your loved one that is on hospice is tired and may not want to socialize, you can simply be a warm body in their presence. Bring a good book and sit next to them to read for a few hours. Although they may not feel up to socialization right now, simply being there in case they feel like it is enough. They will appreciate you being there and the gesture.

Try to make them, and your family, as comfortable as possible. As we mentioned above, sometimes you will simply sit with your loved one and spend time with them. Instead of having a room with a hospital bed and a bunch of uncomfortable chairs, try giving your loved one and their family and friends a comfortable space. You can bring colorful and comfortable blankets for your loved one, along with their favorite pillow. Bringing in a television or a laptop to play their favorite TV show allows them to feel more at ease and more at home. Your family would appreciate the gesture of allowing them to sit comfortably in a relaxed state, such as with arm chairs or with candles that make the space feel warmer. Hospice does not have to be sterile and emotionless, it can be a safe space for your loved one to bond with their family and friends.

We know that hospice is a foreign concept and situation for a lot of people. It can feel as though you are waiting for your loved one to pass and you are helpless. This is a normal feeling, but with the tips that we suggested above, we hope that you can make this time as comfortable as possible. 24 Hour Home Care is here for you to take care of your other needs, including light housekeeping and meal preparation, while your loved one is on hospice. We would love to help your family in this time of need.

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Different Ways to Care for Your Aging Parents

As your parents age, it’s essential to find them care that caters to their specific needs while keeping them as involved as possible in the decision-making process. There are many different care options, from assisted living to a nursing home to senior home care in Los Angeles. Deciding which one is best for your aging parents is extremely important and can be a very stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these easy steps when deciding how to care for your aging parents to maintain a great relationship with them while still having confidence they’ll get what they need to maintain a high quality of life at all times.


Keep Open Communication

It is important that you communicate to your parents that you are not looking to take them away from their home, drop them off at their nursing home and leave them with no choice in the matter.  It is important that your parents know that they are involved in the process and their opinion is valued. They will want to have a say in how they spend their golden years, and that opinion should be respected. They may be getting older, but they still deserve to have a say in the decision about their own care.

Even if your parents aren’t in need of a great deal of care now, that could change quicker than you might think. It’s best to be prepared so you know what to do when their need for help increases. If you notice your parents don’t get around as well as they used to or take a lot more time to do tasks that used to be easy for them, you should consider making a care plan together.

Call a family meeting with your parents as well as any siblings you have so you’re all on the same page. It may be awkward at first, but a little discomfort is a small price to pay for the overall well-being of your parents. You will also need to go over finances, their retirement fund, and who is willing to help if necessary.

Prepare yourself for potentially difficult and emotional conversations, but remember that it’s not selfish to get professional help instead of sacrificing your time to help your loved one. Your parents likely want you to have a full life without worrying about their every single need. When you go with a professional, you can be confident the caretakers are well-trained and equipped for any needs that may arise while genuinely caring about your mom or dad as a person.

Nurse with Senior

Determine Specific Wants and Needs

If either of your parents have a serious or complex medical condition, a nursing home with access to 24-hour medical care may be necessary. However, in most cases, generally healthy elderly individuals want to stick with what’s familiar to them. At your family discussion,  it is important to ask your parents what they want out of care. Do they want to stay in their comfortable home and have the care come to them when they need it? Do they want to move to another home closer to you or another one of their children? Do they want to move into an assisted living facility and be around other seniors?

Ask your parents to talk about their ideal situation and take their preferences into account while also considering their current abilities. Can they still drive safely to the grocery store? Cook their own (healthy) food? Take care of their hygiene needs? If they struggle with these tasks but still desire to remain at home, in-home care is a great option. A highly qualified caretaker will come to them as much or as little as needed.

Even if they can still do most things for themselves but need just a little help here and there, in-home care can be used for hours at a time or even 30 minutes. You can have peace of mind knowing someone is always available to come to them in a time of need if you have work and other responsibilities, and especially if you don’t live near them.

Assisted living is also an option where caretakers are immediately available around the clock, but some seniors may feel held hostage or that they’re being ripped away from their former life. If they’re still able to do some everyday tasks independently and aren’t a risk to themselves, it’s not necessary for them to leave their home.

Happy Senior

Vet Local Companies

Once you have determined the best course of action together,  the next step is to research local companies to find the best match. Whether you go with assisted living or in-home care in Los Angeles, make sure the caregivers are highly trained and trustworthy to take care of your loved ones. From first aid training to the ability to cook healthy meals, the best companies train their caregivers to safely care for your parents while also providing loving companionship.

If you go with in-home care, make sure the caregivers have accountability to provide superb care—specifically that they’re monitored occasionally by supervisors and rated by clients to ensure they’re motivated to always give the best care possible.

If your mom or dad has a specific condition, make sure the caretaker(s) are well-equipped to attend to their needs. When you reach out to local assisted living facilities or senior home care providers, it is imperative to ask what the caretakers are specifically trained in and questions based on your loved one’s medical needs.

Make an Informed Decision

When you find a provider that meets all your requirements, don’t hesitate to take the next steps. Quality, qualified care is of upmost importance in the later stages of your parents’ lives, and there’s no time to wait.

Of the three main choices for senior care: nursing home, assisted living, and in-home care, the best option is the one where they will be happiest and best served according to their needs. If you’re open with each other about the care desires and needs, the process will go much more smoothly than if you constantly avoid the elephant in the room. Your parents deserve happiness; help them get it!

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Increase in Life Expectancy and Long-Term Care Need

Within the past 54 years, the average life expectancy for a 65-year-old female rose from 15 years in 1950 to 20 years in 2004 (MetLife, 2004).

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