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Personal Care Services That Senior Home Care Agencies Provide

Seniors today are choosing more and more to age in place rather than relocate to expensive and, sometimes, dubious assisted living facilities. This trend towards aging in place has given rise to multitudes of businesses offering caregivers to seniors wishing to remain at home even after experiencing significant health challenges. These professional caregivers are a wonderful and invaluable resource for families who want to give aging loved ones the comfort and peace associated with remaining in their own homes, and, at the same time, need more care and attention than working family members can realistically provide.

Personal caregivers are not home nurses and are not certified medically in any way. Rather, they are trained to offer compassionate and expert assistance with activities of daily living, such as the following:

  • Bathing. Caregivers can assist your loved one in and out of a shower or tub, or perform a sponge bath.
  • Bathroom needs. Caregivers are gentle and sensitive and will help your loved one maintain their dignity, even when they need assistance with incontinence, urgency, and accidents.
  • Personal hygiene. Aging seniors still need their teeth brushed and flossed and hands washed. Their skin needs hydration and care. Personal caregivers can assist with all these and other hygiene tasks.
  • Personal grooming. Seniors need to have their hair combed and looking nice to help them feel that all is right. Many elderly need help with getting clothing on and off and help with shoes and socks. Nails need to be trimmed and cared for neatly. Many women even like a bit of lipstick. All these tasks are made easier with a personal caregiver.
  • Mobility. Successful aging in place requires that seniors maintain as much mobility as they can. They need to move about the house every day. Caregivers are trained to help seniors get light exercise and strength training daily to keep them mobile.

Senior home care in San Jose is just a phone call away. Get you and your loved one the help you need today.

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4 Essential Services Senior Home Caregivers Provide

Your home is the place where you go to relax. It’s where you have your personal space. As you get older, you start to fear that you might lose this personal space and sense of relaxation. The loss of motor skills and deterioration of your muscles leaves you in pain. You might even need help to perform day-to-day activities. Many people think their only option is to move into a nursing home. While this is an option, senior home care in Scottsdale is a wonderful alternative. Senior home caregivers will come into your home and help you with a wide range of day-to-day activities. Senior caregivers specialize in assisting people with non-medical home care.


Cleaning your house is something that most people do nearly every day. Once you start to get older, it becomes more difficult to move around your house as much as you once did. Lifting and carrying objects throughout your house can become increasingly difficult, causing you pain and making you tired. Senior home caregivers can help you with light housekeeping needs. They can help clean your house exactly the way you would like. Caregivers can offer help, or they can do it themselves, if you would like. You and your home caregiver can create a plan that will work best for you.

Personal Care

If you need help bathing, getting dressed, or doing your hair, nails, or makeup, a senior home caregiver can help with that. They are trained to help people transition in and out of the bathtub or shower with ease. Getting in and out of the tub may cause you discomfort or pain as the days go by. A caregiver can help you avoid this pain.

Meal Preparation

As the years go by, it becomes more painful to stand for extended periods of time. Cooking can require you to stand on your feet for 30 minutes or more. Caregivers can cook all of your meals for you.


If you can no longer drive due to a loss in eyesight or pain while driving, a home caregiver can drive you around. They can transport you to and from doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies, and whatever else you may need.

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March 21st Is World Down Syndrome Day

Get ready to Rock Your Socks! World Down Syndrome Day is here, March 21st, which means it’s time to dig through your sock drawer and get out the craziest pair (or mismatched pair) or socks you can find to support Down Syndrome Awareness. Why crazy socks? The point is to spark exactly that question! When someone asks you why you are wearing crazy socks, it is your chance to make an impact and promote awareness. Down Syndrome Awareness has increased with shows like “Born This Way” soon to start its 3rd season and major retailers hiring models with Down Syndrome including Nordstrom, Target, and OshKosh B’gosh. We can’t leave out advocate and model, Madeline Stuart, with over 600,000 social media followers, blazing the way as the world’s first professional model with Down Syndrome. However, everyone’s help is still needed to raise awareness and promote inclusion for individuals with Down Syndrome. If you aren’t sure what to say, keep reading for Down Syndrome facts you can use to explain what is Down Syndrome and why awareness is so important.

In the US, there are over 400,000 individuals with Down Syndrome and approximately 6,000 children with Down Syndrome born each year according to the Down Syndrome Association, Inland Empire. The National Down Syndrome Society confirms that what causes Down Syndrome is essentially unknown with maternal age being the only risk factor associated with higher diagnosis. Also known as Trisomy 21, Down Syndrome is when a person has 3 copies of Chromosome 21 instead of the usual 2 copies in some or all cells in the body. The extra chromosome leads to developmental changes that cause a range of delays in cognitive/intellectual, language, and motor development and is also linked to higher prevalence of certain medical conditions such as heart abnormalities and Alzheimer’s.

Down Syndrome Baby Model Cute

It is important to remember that actual developmental effects or symptoms of Down Syndrome are different for each individual. Many individuals are able to graduate high school, have full careers, and live independently with little to no assistance. Others require a range of supports and services throughout their life up to 24/7 care due to the severity of delays or associated medical conditions. Regardless of severity of delays or medical conditions Down Syndrome causes, people still have the same wants and desires as everyone else: community inclusion, meaningful relationships, love, recognition for talents, independence, dignity, respect, and to live an overall meaningful life. With the right services and supports, all of this is possible.

Currently, services and supports available to individuals with Down Syndrome vary widely state by state. In California, we are fortunate to have the Lanterman Act, which entitles individuals with developmental disabilities to certain services and supports. In other states, individuals often face long waiting lists to receive even basic assistance. Through the Medicaid Waiver program, services and supports provided by states in home and community based settings to individuals with developmental disabilities receive uncapped, matching funding from the federal government.

Down Syndrome Beautiful Juliana Wenk

Proposed changes to switch to Block Grants may jeopardize the amount of funding available for states to continue funding existing Medicaid services (known as Medi-Cal in California). Block Grants would mean each state would receive a fixed amount of money from the federal government to fund all Medicaid programs including those for individuals with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Anything above the fixed amount would have to be 100% funded by the state. This not only places a spending cap on previous, unlimited matching funding for developmental disability service programs, but also places different Medicaid funded programs in each state (i.e. developmental disability services, low income benefits, geriatric benefits, etc) in competition with each other to try to get more of their state’s block of funding allocated to serve their population.

If funding is limited, this can lead to cuts in services and/or longer waiting lists for individuals with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. 24 Hour Home Care currently provides services to thousands of individuals with Down Syndrome or other developmental disabilities so we have seen firsthand, the life changing impact the right services can have an individual’s life. Now more than ever, we need to raise awareness about Down Syndrome to help protect these much needed services and supports.

Rock Your Socks World Down Syndrome Day Crazy Socks

So are you ready to Rock Your Socks with us for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day? Don’t forget to share your photos on social media with #LOTSOFSOCKS and #24HrHomeCare. Remember, the crazier the better. The goal is to start as many conversations about Down Syndrome as possible! If you are like me and find that your sock drawer is full of only boring shades of white, brown, and black, consider purchasing a pair of John’s Crazy Socks co-founded by John, who has Down Syndrome, and his father. Let’s get out there and spread awareness!

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KFNX 1100′ Ask The Experts

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Diego24 Hour Home Care’s very own Diego C., Director of Admissions at our Scottsdale Office, was recently featured on KFNX 1100’s Ask The Experts radio show. Ask The Experts features thought leaders from a variety of industries, and 24 Hour Home Care was honored to be selected to discuss the ins and outs of home care.

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12th Annual Case Management Conference

acmaRecently, 24 Hour Home Care’s staff attended the American Case Management Association’s Annual Case Management Conference in San Diego.  This conference is attended by hundreds of Case Managers from all over Southern California, and is a day for them to continue their education on topics ranging from inpatient care results to post-acute care solutions.  In fact, 24 Hour Home Care’s recent partnership with Uber in Los Angeles was even discussed as a creative post-acute care solution!  The 24 Hour Home Care team from Southern California was also able to educate individual case managers on company-wide innovations, such as our adoption of the grandPad and the recent launch of our PopHealth Podcast. This has always been one of our favorite conferences, and we’re proud to continue to support the ACMA!

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Ventura County Star’s 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards

Ventura County StarThe Ventura County Star’s 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards are now open! 24 Hour Home Care is pleased to announce that we are one of the contenders in the “Senior Resource West County and “Employer (under 50 employees) categories.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would show your support for us by voting for us in those categories. Be sure to vote for winners in at least 10 categories, total, for your votes to count! Winning awards like this one will allow us to continue providing our communities with in-home care services of the highest quality.

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2015 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards

24Hr HomPSSeCare was recently recognized as a Nominee in the 2015 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards, presented by the Los Angeles Business Journal. The Innovation Awards focused on one of our programs – our Hospital To Your Home™ Care Transitions Program, in which our staff provides systematic support to our clients within the first month after they are discharged from the hospital. Our program has been proven to show a significant impact on decreasing hospital readmissions for patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We are so grateful and humbled to be able to be nominated for such a prestigious award.

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2015 Holiday Toy Drive

Holiday Toy DriveThis year marks 24 Hour Home Care’s 8th Annual Holiday Toy Drive! We are privileged to provide care for hundreds of amazing children; somehow our staff always seems to learn more from them than they learn from us. Their families become our families, and we share in their sorrows and their joys. In the spirit of the holiday season, we want to bring these children some joy; we’ve figured out that this is no difficult task- a simple toy can bring a smile to their faces!


Join us in celebrating these amazing children by donating new or gently used, unwrapped, toys to the following Regional Centers:


Westside Regional Center: purchase a toy from our wishlist!

Please drop off your toy to our Westside Office by 12/13

5901 Green Valley Circle Suite 470


Harbor Regional Center

Please drop off your toy to our Torrance office by 12/9

3812 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 240


Tri-Counties Regional Center- Simi Valley Branch: purchase a toy from our wishlist!

Please drop off your toy to our Oxnard Office by 12/7

2401 E. Gonzales Rd. Suite 170


Tri-Counties Regional Center- Oxnard Branch: purchase a toy from our wishlist!

Please drop off your toy to our Oxnard Office by 12/9

2401 E. Gonzales Rd. Suite 170


Regional Center of Orange County: purchase a toy from our wishlist!

Please drop off your toy to our Orange Office by 12/7

3111 N. Tustin St. Suite 205


Inland Regional Center: purchase a toy from our wishlist!

Please drop off your toy to our Orange Office by 12/15

3111 N. Tustin St. Suite 205

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Move For Movember

movemberThis month is known to 24 Hour Home Care staff not as “November,” but as “Movember,”! “Movember” is short for “Mustache November,” that time of the year when the men of Team 24 grow out their ‘staches and the women of Team 24 sport faux ‘staches in support of solving the most pressing issues facing men’s health throughout the nation: mental disorders, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Our ‘staches spur a lot of conversations, allowing us to take advantage of every opportunity we can to discuss different men’s health issues within our communities.
Oftentimes, eating a balanced diet and participating in regular exercise alone can lower the probability of developing health issues. 24 Hour Home Care is hosting its 4th Annual Movember campaign: Move for Movember Campaign! Come Movember 1st, we are launching “Step It Up,” a 30-day Step Challenge to encourage our community to get active. Local organizations will be forming “Step Teams,” and receiving pedometers from 24 Hour Home Care to track their steps daily. At the end of Movember, 24 Hour Home Care is recognizing the most active teams and individuals with trophies and fitbit giveaways!

In the spirit of Move for Movember, 24 Hour Home Care challenges you to post a photo of yourself in movement, donning a mustache, onto our facebook page at www.facebook.com/24hrhomecare. Our executive team will select one “Most Creative Selfie” winner to receive a Fitbit Surge at the end of Movember! The winner may choose to donate its equivalent value to The Movember Foundation.

This Movember, join Team 24 in promoting men’s health awareness, starting with caring for your own health.

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24 Hour Home Care Hosts 5th Annual Think Pink Campaign

24 Hour Home Care Hosts 5th Annual Think Pink Campaign

Every October, we wear pink ribbons to raise awareness for breast cancer. This ribbon means something different to all of us, be it courage, strength, hope, or faith.

This year, 24 Hour Home Care is hosting our 5th Annual Think Pink Campaign, “My Ribbon Means.” For every photo taken with 24 Hour Home Care’s “My Ribbon Means” signboard that is posted on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/24hrhomecare, 24 Hour Home Care pledges to donate $1 to the American Cancer Society!

Our 3% Promise

During Think Pink, 24 Hour Home Care staff will trade in our customary blue polos for pink polos, to represent solidarity with individuals and families fighting to end breast cancer. We promise to donate 3% of gross proceeds from all of our new clients in the month of October to the American Cancer Society. 100% of the funds we raise through Think Pink will go towards research into the cause, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer.

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