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Top 5 Fun and Safe Labor Day Activities to Do with Your Senior Family Member

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer and provides an opportunity for family members to spend time together. If you have a family member who is a senior, here are our top 5 fun and safe activities you can enjoy together.

1. Let’s Get Crafty

Timageedit_1_3298713590his is a great way to integrate the entire family from seniors to little ones – create a craft project that everyone can enjoy. The entire family can create their own American flags or fun firework hand prints using construction paper, glue, paint, finger paint and glitter. Make sure you’re using safe art supplies to include water-based paint and kid-safe glue.



2. Catch a Family-Friendly Show

Check your local listings for a family-friendly performance, such as a musical, play or even visit a local art gallery or museum. If you’re in a warm climate where being outdoors may be challenging, catch a movie that’s safe for the entire family. While you’re out and about, make sure your seniors are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, pack medication and take necessary precautions if outdoors in the summer heat.

3. Break Out the Baking Pans

Timageedit_3_2357581861his is a great activity, especially if there are grandchildren involved. Baking sweets, such as cupcakes, cake pops and cookies is a great way for seniors to bond with their grandkids. You can even bake labor-day themed cookies and make small care packages for your family, friends and neighbors, handing them out throughout the weekend.

4. Throw a Photo Throwback Party

Break out your family photos and take a trip down memory lane. This is a fun way to bond with the entire family and even reminisce about embarrassing fashion trends and hair-do’s of the past. You may even find some older photos that can be passed on for future generations.

5. Get Competitive With Board Games

Put down the smartphones and break out the checkerboard. If your family has a competitive streak that runs from generation to generation, this could be a great way to bond and create some lasting memories. Dust off the old checkerboard for one-on-one play, or a game of Monopoly for all of the family members to take part in the game. Bingo is another fun game to play with a senior family member. You can also find giant versions of board games for seniors who may have a hard time seeing, but would like to still take part in a bit of healthy family competition.

Any way you choose to celebrate Labor Day, make it a safe, fun-filled day building family bonds and memories across all generations.

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Traits of a Professional In-Home Care Provider

There are certain traits that make a doctor trustworthy and reliable. For example, you wouldn’t trust a physician without a license to diagnose and treat you. You probably wouldn’t even consider seeing them. Just as it’s important that doctors have the qualifications needed to examine you medically, there are certain signs that certain in-home care providers are more reliable and professional than others. To determine whether or not your in-home care services in Fullerton are up to par, here are a few things to look for.

Qualifications and Certifications

No matter how respectful and knowledgeable your in-home care agency seems, if they aren’t qualified, they shouldn’t be assisting your loved one. Whether you hire them for companionship, dementia care, or to handle the dietary needs of your loved one, they should be properly trained. In some cases, that training should also accompany a degree or specialized training. No matter what services are being provided, a professional home care company only allows fully licenced staff members to handle their patients.

Coordination with Health Care Professionals

A good home care company provides adequate senior care to their patients. A great home company coordinates with the patient’s medical records to ensure that every need is met. Instead of creating a treatment plan on their own, a professional home care company consults with everyone involved in caring for your senior loved one. Whether it is with case managers, medical officers, or family members, a great home care company collaborates with multiple parties.

Senior care 2


No matter how much care a client needs, they still deserve respect. A professional home care provider knows how to provide assistance while still respecting a client’s boundaries. This includes refraining from discussing confidential information with unauthorized family members or friends. It’s also small things like knocking before opening a closed door and allowing a patient to perform as many tasks on their own as possible.

Respect is one of the biggest things you should look for when searching for a professional home care provider. Your loved one deserves to have some sense of control over their life and they should still be allowed to make choices. Instead of talking down to or being disrespectful of a patient’s choices, a good care provider listens to concerns, questions, and decisions.


There’s a reason you’re reaching out for help. Chances are you’ve been the sole care provider for your loved one for quite some time and you’ve reached a breaking point. After careful consideration, you’ve decided that a home care agency is the best choice. Now, you’re trusting a service to show up and administer the care needed to someone who means the world to you. For this reason, reliability is key. A company that doesn’t show up when they’re supposed to and doesn’t follow through is simply wasting your time. Plus, they pose a danger to your loved one. An unreliable home care provider could set back the healing process or cause mistrust to grow between the client and future caregivers. Choose a company that is reliable by verifying references and checking out reviews before hiring them.


Dealing with health issues is enough to make anyone a bit depressed. Elderly patients sometimes tend to struggle with the effects of aging. If the company you hire to help them through this difficult time isn’t upbeat and positive, it will only exacerbate the situation. You need a home care service provider that does more than just attend to the health needs of your loved one. You also need them to boost morale and provide a ray of sunshine in that person’s life.

Senior care 3


Just because you’re no longer the sole care provider for your loved one doesn’t mean you should be left in the dark. A professional home care provider strives to keep family members in the loop. Whether it’s making decisions or simply giving updates, transparency is important. However, keep in mind that only authorized family members will be given medical information as per privacy laws.

While hiring an in-home care provider in Fullerton is important, it’s more important to find one that upholds all of the values that you hold dear. By hiring a service that contains these traits, you can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with respect and dignity, no matter what their healthcare needs may be.

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Warning Signs That Your Loved One May Need In Home Care

senior in home care serviceChoosing the proper senior in home care services for your parents or grandparents may be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. Even though it can be difficult for your family to watch elderly loved ones age and decline, it is important not to turn a blind eye to these changes. Here are some signs that may be time for your relative to have in home care.

Letting things go around the house
Some signs — such as leaving the oven on, letting dirty laundry or trash pile up, or not emptying the cat’s litter — may seem small. But added together, this kind of negligence or forgetfulness can be an indication that help is necessary. Not only that, but even one neglected chore can cause a dangerous accident, like a fire breaking out on the stove, a leaky pipe bursting, or a slip or fall that results in a broken hip.

Ignoring personal care
Does your parent or grandparent seem disheveled all the time? Does it look as if they haven’t bathed or washed their hair lately? Are they wearing the same clothes day after day, or do you often see them dressed in dirty clothing? These are all signs they may require daily senior in home care services.

Changes in eating habits
Your loved one may not be eating because they are struggling with grocery shopping or meal preparation, or they may be eating poorly because they rely on junk food and candy to fill them up. Look around the kitchen; is it adequately stocked? Do you find old food spoiling in the fridge or an empty pantry? Are your parents losing weight because they don’t remember to eat, or gaining weight because they don’t have adequately nutritious meals?

Overall cognitive decline
If you notice that your loved one is having trouble making decisions, difficulty following directions, and/or increased confusion, then it may be time to hire a caregiver who can offer 24 hour home care.

While every person is different, these are some signs to be on the lookout for as your loved ones get older. If you are noticing these indicators, a senior in home care service can be a beneficial solution. An in home service allows your elderly relative to stay comfortable in their own home, which is a huge benefit for their welfare and overall well-being. A full 82% of seniors report preferring to stay in their own homes as they age.

Have any concerns about your loved ones? Our professionals at 24Hr Home Care are here to help.

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The Different Types of Senior Care, Explained

senior care

If you are thinking of moving your loved one into a senior care facility, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are a vast amount of care types and facilities to choose from, some of which overlap. For instance, senior care and in-home care can be two very different things, even though they both involve in-home care for seniors.

It is important to learn the difference between the many care options in order to choose the correct one to suit your loved one’s specific needs. Here is a simple breakdown of different senior housing options.

1. Independent living communities
These communities cater to seniors and retirees that are independent with few medical problems. The residents live in fully equipped apartments that range in size from a studio to two bedrooms. They also have the option of having a meal package similar to those that you’d find on college campuses. In addition, there are numerous social outings available and different events throughout the community to choose from, which is beneficial as the happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly.

Independent living communities are also known as retirement communities, congregate care, senior apartments, and 55+ communities.

2. Nursing Homes
This option is available to seniors who can no longer live at home. After they move into the assisted living facility, caregivers will be available to provide help with everyday activities such as bathing, meals, administering medicine, and can provide care 24 hours of the day for safety purposes. Residents live in furnished apartments with a central dining room.

Assisted living communities are also known as assisted care communities or a personal care home.

3. Senior home care
Senior in home care is perfect for those who want to remain in their own home, but still need help with daily activities. This is a popular option as 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they age, and being able to live under one’s own rules and schedule is the key reason they choose to age in place.

The level of care will vary depending on the person’s needs, and senior care providers offer a wide range of services. They can help with mobility, meal preparation, hygiene, medication reminders, basic housekeeping, cooking, keeping track of appointments, transportation, and companionship. When needed, a live-in caregiver will provide 24 hour care in order to assist your loved one around the clock. The rest of the family can rest easy knowing their loved one is in safe hands, while seniors are able to stay in their own home and remain independent.

Also known as home health care and in-home personal care.

4. In Home Medical Care
Unlike senior care providers, in home medical care is designed for hospice patients and those with long-term or permanent medical issues. Essentially, these services provide hospital-level care, but in the comfort of a home setting.

Also known as hospice care or disability home care.
With a record number of Americans over the age of 65, the demand for these services is only going to grow. Talk to your loved one before this type of care becomes necessary to find out what would be best for them. If you need senior care in the Redondo Beach, Torrance, or Long Beach area, contact 24 Hour Home Care today.

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