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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Did you know…
The average life expectancy for men in the United States is almost five years less than women (76.2 years compared to 81 years)?


Research shows that males can expect to have a shorter life expectancy than women. So, why do men have a shorter life expectancy than their female counterparts? Truth is, there are several reasons why.

Men seem to dismiss the importance of going to see a medical professional. Men have tendencies to brush off their medical issues and convince themselves that they can tough it out, rather than look for medical advice. This can stem from either the fear of not looking ‘tough enough’ or they may simply be nervous to have an annual check-up. They may be afraid of enduring a prostate cancer exam and fail to realize the risks in avoiding one, especially after the age of 50. This can cause their chances of finding cancer when it is treatable and in the early stages go down and will increase their chances of finding when it is too late. Avoiding the doctor also means that men will be unaware if they have medical conditions such as high blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Leaving these medical conditions untreated causes men to be susceptible to having a 50% higher chance of having heart disease. Testicular cancer normally strikes men when they are young, between the ages of 20 and 35. Getting in the habit of going to a doctor annually from a young age can help young men detect these conditions early on and allow for treatment in the early stages.


Men avoid getting help for their depression or mental illness. Unfortunately, men have the same stigma about going to seek professional mental help as they do with medical physical help. Although depression is more common in women than men, men are less likely to seek out help for their feelings and illnesses.

The Movember Foundation encourages men to seek help, whether that be for mental or physical illnesses and to be proactive when it comes to their health. During the month of November, they encourage men to grow out their mustaches, sparking conversations about men’s health. They aim to change men’s attitudes towards being ill and encourage them to take care of themselves, physically and emotionally with preventative care. Would you like to help make a difference? Help support 24 Hour Home Care and the Movember Foundation work towards long and healthy lives for men everywhere! Click the link below to donate to the Movember Foundation in support of men’s health.

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