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Wear Yellow For Seth

ourhero seth (2)Seth is just like any regular 5 year old boy; he loves playing golf and watching T.V. The only difference is, Seth suffers from Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, also known as SCID. SCID results in one or more serious infections within the first months of life. Children affected can become ill from live viruses that are present in some vaccines such as: chicken pox, measles, etc. These viruses and bacteria may cause life threatening infections. Though he is battling the disease, he remains happy and is always smiling.

His parents came up with the idea of #wearyellowforseth, as way for people to visually show support for him. They plan on placing a map in his room and pinning all the countries people have posted a photo from. His parents created the #wearyellowforseth idea came right before Seth had his first transplant. His parents were notified by a family friend that the color yellow signified a strong immunity. So they asked their friends and family to wear yellow to show support on his transplant day. Yellow is also Seth’s favorite color! Come join us and help show Seth that people around the world are supporting him on his journey.

If you would like to join this campaign, then simply wear yellow piece of clothing and take a photo of yourself: post the picture onto facebook, Instagram, or twitter with the hashtag #wearyellowforseth. Or, you can take a photo of yourself wearing yellow and post the photo on our facebook page; we will send a collage of all the photos to the Lane family to cover the walls of Seth’s hospital room!

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