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Resources for Veterans: Support Groups, Employment, Care and More

Veterans who have proudly served our country have likely done so for a steep price.

The physical, emotional and psychological toll that can come with experiencing war should be taken seriously and handled properly. Whether you or someone you know suffers from PTSD or any physical disabilities, there are resources available to provide veterans with the proper care and support they need. There are many varying veterans resource providers who recommend a variety of programs and benefits. Learn more about National Veterans Foundation and their commitment to serving veterans as well as they’ve served our country.

National Veterans Foundation

Founded in 1985, the National Veterans Foundation was established to help veterans in need and their families with a wide range of issues. By offering a toll-free helpline, public awareness programs and outreach services, the NVF strives to provide veterans with support that is catered to their individual needs. From employment and education to health care and housing, there is no shortage of programs available to aid veterans in maintaining a good quality of life. The NVF has a list of roughly 30 resources ranging in services that veterans can utilize to their benefit. Some of the resources the NVF promotes are organizations they have worked closely with, while others are suggested due to their proven ability to aid veterans. Whatever you or your loved one is struggling with on a day-to-day basis, there are resources available that specialize in addressing these issues and treating them effectively.

Types of Coverage

The ways in which war can affect an individual vary from veteran to veteran. Whether or not you’ve experienced physical trauma while serving, you’ve inevitably been exposed to trauma that can take a toll on you psychologically. Luckily for veterans, there are countless resources and programs available that can be tailored to their personal circumstances. The NVF, which is just one resource provider, recommends the following resources to veterans in need:

  •  VA Suicide Hotline
  • VA Care Providers Program
  • National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
  •   National Veterans Foundation Job Board
  •   Addiction Resource
  •    Student Veterans of America

In short, the range of resources available to veterans is boundless.

Whatever it is you or a loved one is struggling with, there are experienced organizations dedicated to providing veterans with the support they need to live a fulfilling, happy life.

How to Use a Veterans Resource Provider

Depending on the program you intend to register with, the application process will vary. For veterans in need of a support group for addiction, PTSD or general mental health concerns, enrolling for a program in your local area is relatively easy. A simple phone call is the best way to learn more about a specific program and begin the enrollment process. The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) may be able to help cover the expenses of any programs you register for, depending on your personal circumstances. Certain states also offer additional benefits that can make the cost of support groups, higher education and health care much more affordable. Make sure to research what veteran programs are offered in your local area and check to see if your insurance or state can help cover the expenses.

A Few Popular Programs & Benefits

The Homemaker program has worked to assist thousands of veterans nationwide with their daily activities. Designed to help seniors who are chronically ill or disabled remain in their homes, this state program offers services to help those in need get by on a daily basis while still living in a comfortable, familiar environment. A dedicated homemaker can help with transportation, cleaning, cooking and more. Contact the Homemaker regional office that is closest to you to learn whether or not you or someone you know is eligible for the program.

Paying for in-home care or an assisted living facility can be a costly endeavor. Luckily, there are benefits available to veterans that can help make these expenses a whole lot cheaper. Veterans Aid and Attendance is another popular benefit that assists those in need of financial support for in-home care and/or similar services. There are certain requirements and limitations that you’ll need to comply with in order to receive this additional pension. Whether you’re a disabled veteran without a steady source of income or a surviving spouse of a veteran, Aid and Attendance ensures you receive fair compensation to help make life more manageable.


The VetAssist Program can further help veterans receive the benefits and support they deserve. With a 98% client satisfaction rate, VetAssist works closely with veterans and surviving spouses to help them work through the home care process from start to finish. From determining your eligibility to monitoring your home care, VetAssist provides individualized support to those in need. If you have served during wartime, have a debilitating medical condition or have limited income, let VetAssist lend a helping hand

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