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24 Hour Home Care’s Director of Respite Services Nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Rising Star of the Year” Award

Every year, the Los Angeles Business Journal honors women of outstanding business achievement, and this year, our very own Diana Montesdeoca was nominated for the newspaper’s “Rising Star of the Year” Award.

As Director of Respite Services at 24 Hour Home Care’s Culver City location, Montesdeoca works closely with three Regional Centers, or nonprofit private corporations that contract with the Department of Developmental Services, to coordinate services for individuals with developmental disabilities. She began her career at 24 Hour Home Care in February of 2010, as a Human Resources Coordinator. When 24 Hour Home Care began providing in-home services to developmentally disabled adults and children in late 2010, Diana became our company’s first Respite Services Coordinator, providing family Caregivers with short-term breaks by supporting them with experienced Caregivers from 24 Hour Home Care. Over time, she formed her own team and gradually developed close relationships with Case Managers from multiple Regional centers. Today, Monstesdeoca and her team work with over 100 Case Managers from three Regional Centers, continuously updating them on the progress of the developmentally disabled children and adults under our care.

Montesdeoca is heavily involved in the community, in both her work at 24 Hour Home Care and her personal life. Her contributions have brought cohesion to the local business community and sparked action in securing resources for the developmentally disabled. Montesdeoca assists with organizing 24 Hour Home Care teams to participate in awareness events, such as the Multiple Sclerosis Walk, Alzheimer’s Walk, and National Down Syndrome Society’s Buddy Walk. Outside of work, Montesdeoca regularly organizes presentations for the support group, Fundacion Alianza de Familias Especiales, a community of Spanish-speaking parents of children with disabilities, to educate them on resources that are available to them.

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