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How Caregivers Can Connect with the Adult Child

As a caregiver, it can sometimes be tough to figure out the family dynamic of the household that you are working in. The adult child likely has something to do with your client’s care, and they may even be the decision maker in most situations. While you want to please your client, it is important that you also connect with the adult child that is imperative in your client’s care. It can be challenging to connect with them, especially if they are not physically able to meet with you. Take a look below to see how you can make sure that you have a healthy relationship with your client’s adult children.

  • Introduce yourself first and foremost. If the adult child is present at the time of the interview, it is important that you make sure you leave a lasting and positive first impression with them. They are likely to be one of the closest people to the potential client, and it is so important that you treat them with respect.
  • Communication is key! If the adult child is very involved in their parent’s care, make sure that you have their contact information in the event that you need to get in contact with them. You should avoid calling them often for small things, especially if it is just to vent about their parents. Communicate with them openly and honestly when it is necessary. For example, if your client seems to be getting agitated when you recommend going for a walk and they are becoming increasingly aggressive, make sure that you follow protocol by reaching out to 24 Hour Home Care and give the adult child a heads up. This allows the point of contact, or the child, to know what is going on with their parent and they can even try to mitigate the situation for you.
  • Make sure you are not overstepping your boundaries with your client. The adult child is likely protective of their parent and allowing a relatively new person into your parent’s home to take care of them is a very foreign subject for a lot of people. While they may know your intentions are pure, it is important that you respect their boundaries. Know that they are doing what is best for their parent and if they are the clients point of contact, they deserve to be kept in the loop always. Make sure you respect that they are involved and do not overstep by going over their head and directly to the client.
  • If your client is asking to go against the point of contact & adult child’s wishes, contact them immediately. Sure, your client may feel better if they do not take that 15 minute walk the doctor suggested, but if they are telling you that it is no long necessary, make sure you follow up with a call to the child. This avoids you getting into an issue with them in the future going against care protocol and their wishes.

We know that it can be challenging to deal with a family dynamic that is not your own. While it can be uncomfortable at first, we hope that these tips will help you maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your client’s adult children.

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