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How Respite Care Can Help You This Holiday Season

Respite care can give you the time you need in order to run errands, take some much needed and well-deserved time off or simply tend to other responsibilities in your life.

Respite care can be anywhere from 15 minutes to days or even weeks at a time, giving you the freedom to accomplish your goals outside of familial caregiving. As a recipient of respite care, you will leave your loved one in the hands of a trained caregiver while you enjoy time to yourself, just as you deserve.

What is Respite Care and Who Uses It?

Respite care is defined as short-term care, ranging from a few minutes to a few weeks, to replace the main caregiver. Respite care is best described as relief for a caregiver that may not have the opportunity to be relieved often. The caregivers that are most often in this situation are family caregivers and have taken it upon them to take care of their loved one without being compensated for their care. Respite care can be used for any individual that needs assistance with their loved one that they provide care for, ranging from young children to seniors.

What Respite Care Can Do for You

Respite care can provide relief and reprieve from a stressful situation. Family caregivers are more likely to be under stress when they are trying to provide care to their loved one while balancing their personal life. Often times, familial caregivers have a full-time job on top of being a caregiver, in order to make ends meet. This can lead to caregiver burnout, which can result in emotional, physical and mental decline. It is important to recognize when you are experiencing caregiver burnout and fatigue, along with when you need help. The first step in gaining respite care would be recognizing that you, or someone close to you, needs respite care.

During the holidays, respite care can be especially helpful. The holiday season can be stressful, busy and overwhelming for anyone, but especially for family caregivers. During this time, you may feel as though you are stretched thin and need assistance. Respite care can allow you to have the time you need back on your calendar to participate in the holiday festivities. While a caregiver helps your loved one with meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping and personal care, you have time in your day to:

  • Shop for holiday gifts
  • Spend time with loved ones that you may not see much
  • Spend time holiday baking
  • Have a little holiday get away
  • And much more!

Respite care can be the perfect solution for you during the holidays especially if you and your loved one are attending an event together. If you would like to fully enjoy your time during the holidays, without fear that your attention will be all on your loved one, allow a caregiver to help! A caregiver can help escort your loved one to the holiday functions that you are both attending, giving you time to enjoy the holiday season and spirit!

How Can You Get Respite Care?

Once you know that you need respite care, it is time to find the right agency and caregiver for you and the needs of your loved one. It is important to do your research and educate yourself on the company that you are considering hiring, as there are certain characteristics of agencies that signal professionalism and expertise. During the holiday season, it is important to map out when you will be needing respite care and request your caregiver for those specific times. Some agencies can find a caregiver for you in the event of an emergency or last-minute request, but it is always best to plan ahead for your holiday season.


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