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Helpful Caregiver’s Guide For Younger and Older Patients

As a caregiver you are required to have the ability to communicate with all types of people who are in need. Within this type of work you will need experience to care for both patients who are younger and those who are elderly.

Here are a few important tips on how to connect with both the youth and the elderly in their time of need.

Do something you both will enjoy.

When caring for a child or an elderly, It requires communication skills and plenty of patience. As their caregiver find out what they like to do for fun. Making someone laugh can bring joy not only to your patient but to their families and yourself as well. Finding an activity for both of you to enjoy will make your stay worth while.

Read to them.

You will be surprised how much a great story can heal the minds of the ill. When you read a story to someone rather then you having them read it themselves, you are capturing their imagination, taking their thoughts away from their illness, and into the story at hand. When you lead their minds into a positive story they will think positively reducing stress and possibly reducing any further complications connected to their illness.

Finally, Pray together

Healing comes from God. When you pray you are giving your patient hope for health. A strong talk with God will go a long way for those who are ill and for those who are not. Your patient either young or old should be exposed to the word of God. A powerful prayer will not only give hope to those with a non terminal illness, but prepares those who are facing a terminal illness for the afterlife without fear.

As a caregiver myself I had to care for my mother in her last days. I don’t know what it’s like to be a patient but I do understand what it’s like to see someone facing an illness, and what I needed to do to help them.

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