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Best Winter Activities for Seniors

When temperatures drop, it can be hard for seniors to stay mentally and physically active. We put together a comprehensive list of fun and engaging winter activities for seniors that are safe. Despite how safe some of these activities are, it’s essential to consult a medical professional before starting any exercise that could put a strain on the body.

Even in mild climates, winter temperatures can force the most active of seniors inside for the season. Elderly individuals are more sensitive to the cold and need to be careful of outdoor activities during the winter season.

Here are some of the best winter activities for seniors:

  • Playing brain games, memory games, or any games that stimulate the mind is a wonderful way to keep busy and have fun when it’s too cold or dreary to go outside. Some brain games include picture puzzles, trivia questions, and memory card games. Family game night is a great way to keep seniors connected and the whole family engaged. A good example of brain games can also include word searches, crosswords, or Sudoku puzzles.
  • Cooking and baking are good options to get seniors up and moving. Whether it’s a batch of cookies or a delicious lasagna, meal preparation, cooking, and eating can bring people together. It’s always advised to have at least one other person in the kitchen to help.
  • Looking for a solitary indoor activity? Picking up a good book or audiobook can keep a senior’s mind active all winter long. A trip to the bookstore is always a good excuse to get out of the house and into a climate-controlled environment.
  • In addition to reading, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and other handicrafts can help keep a senior busy and engaged. Starting a project can motivate a person to have persistence, and some crafts even have group meet ups.
  • Want to get out of the house with the family? Winter is a great season for movies. With award season just around the corner, it’s easy to connect with family and friends over what movies are currently playing and which ones deserve the Oscar, Golden Globe, or other awards.
  • Group workout classes can keep seniors social, active, and engaged. Meeting with a group of peers and working out together can strengthen social bonds and help anyone get through a dark, cold winter. Make sure to clear any physical activity with a doctor before starting a group class or workout regime.
  • Hands down, one of the best winter activities for seniors is mall walking. This activity is in an enclosed, temperature-controlled place with security, good lighting, and ADA compliant walkways. Mall walking offers seniors the opportunity to walk around, but with the comfort of places to sit, handrails, and free water fountains.

Staying active during the winter can help seniors stay healthy and help keep seasonal depression at bay. To see a more in-depth look at winter activities for seniors, check out this piece from our resource center. If a senior needs help to get out of the house or to stay active during the winter months, a caregiver can help immensely. Caregivers can help with routine tasks around the house and with social outings. Contact 24 Hour Home Care to learn more about hiring a caregiver.


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