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The Benefits of Companion Home Care

Hiring in-home care in Fullerton is a great way to care for your aging loved one following surgery or if they are recovering from an illness. These qualified healthcare experts can handle wound dressing and monitoring, giving you peace of mind. While there are a multitude of medical benefits,there are other advantageous reasons to hire an in-home care specialist for your aging loved one. It’s estimated that over 43 percent of seniors feel lonely and isolated. These feelings can increase the risk of mortality and long-term illness. When it comes to improving the health and happiness of your family member, companion home healthcare could be the answer.



Increased Sense of Security

As the effects of aging take over, it can be difficult for seniors to be alone. What happens if they fall or need help? How will they reach the phone? How long would it take for someone to notice that they’re hurt? Questions like these can haunt the elderly and their loved ones. Hiring a companion for in-home health care provides a sense of security that is hard to find elsewhere. An in-home provider has a set schedule. They come and go at the same time, allowing your loved one to feel safe in their own home. No matter what happens, an in-home caregiver will be looking out for them.

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An Immediate Friend

What most seniors long for is a friend, someone to talk to from time to time. A companion home healthcare provider is trained to be compassionate, patient, and a great listener, as well as being experienced in healthcare topics. They can provide the conversation and interaction that your loved one both needs and longs for. From chatting about past experiences to playing cards, home healthcare provides the companionship needed to ward off loneliness. Caregivers can also allow your loved one to participate in their favorite activities and hobbies, while you feel at ease that they are not alone. Scrapbooking, puzzles, walks, and gardening will be much more enjoyable if your family member has someone to share it with.

Help with Daily Tasks

Household chores can seem daunting for some seniors. With limited mobility or the side effects of illness preventing them from performing their routine, they can be left feeling depressed and hopeless. This is where an in-home healthcare provider can step in. Whether your family member needs help with laundry, watering plants, or preparing meals, their caregiver can help. Instead of taking over the household chores completely, home healthcare professionals will allow your loved one to maintain their independence while helping where needed.


If your loved ones need help getting around, an in-home healthcare companion can help. These caregivers can also shuttle your loved one to and from appointments or to run errands. With their help, there’s no need for your loved one to miss medical appointments or rearrange the schedule of other family members. Instead, the caregiver will handle their transportation needs.

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Improved Health

Loneliness isn’t just a fleeting feeling. It’s a deep emotional ache that can cause severe health problems. Seniors who are lonely are much more likely to experience depression and anxiety. This leaves them prone to suicidal thoughts and a variety of serious health issues.Loneliness can catch your loved one to have high blood pressure, trouble sleeping or cognitive deterioration. Additionally, those who are lonely are less likely to eat a balanced diet and exercise. By hiring an in-home healthcare provider, you’re not just ensuring that your loved one has the transportation means necessary or someone to help them with the dishes—you’re improving their overall health. A companion healthcare provider can improve the health of your family member by boosting their spirits and ensuring that they don’t feel isolated. In doing this, they mayexperience a better and happier life.

Hiring an in-home healthcare provider isn’t just for those who are suffering medically. It’s a great way to provide companionship for an aging loved one who may feel isolated or lonely. If you’re unable to be with your family member as much as they need, allow 24 Hour Home Care to help. Each member of our staff is carefully interviewed and screened to ensure that they’re qualified to provide impeccable patient care. Whether you’re looking for the right medical care or companionship for your loved one, allow us to match you with the perfect in-home healthcare specialist for your needs.

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