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24Hr Donates $3,536 to Aid Japan!

The earthquake that occurred off northeastern Japan and the resulting tsunamis have impacted and touched millions of people around the world.  Our thoughts go out to all colleagues, family and friends who have been affected.

To further our company’s mission of “helping people,” 24 Hour Home Care donated a portion of its gross proceeds to Direct Relief International: Japanese Relief and Recovery Fund. We have selected Direct Relief International because they use 100% of the donation for relief and rescue in Japan. No percentage of the donation will be used for additional fundraising or administrative costs.  In addition, owner Ryan Iwamoto will be matching the donation at 100% to double the contribution!

In times like these, we are reminded of how important and fragile we are and of the positive impact we can have – both as individuals and, collectively, as a Company – to assist those in need.

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