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How You Can Be There for Dad, Just as He Was There for You

Companionship is defined as the feeling of fellowship, often times between two or more people.
When it comes to your father, companionship is best defined as the bonding between a father and his children. As your parents get older, they may long for companionship, especially if he or she is confined to their home more so than they used to be. By simply reaching out to your father and being there for him, you are providing him a sense of happiness that will go a long way for him.

How to Give Your Father the Help He Needs

Being there for your father can improve his quality of life, mood, outlook on life and even his health! Simple things, such as helping him around the home, can give him the positive attitude that he needs in order to go through this time in his life with an optimistic outlook that gets him through the days. Additionally, helping him around the home can actually have several health benefits. For example, if you take the time to help vacuum his home, you are ensuring that your father lives in a clean environment that is conducive of good health. Your companionship with your father goes a long way!

If you can physically be there for your father, spending time with him will mean more to him than you will know. You can sit and talk for hours or choose to simply help him with tasks that you know he needs help with. Spending time with him accomplishing these tasks can allow for you two to spend quality time together, while you are subtly helping him out around the house. You can help him with housekeeping or laundry, while you reminisce about the memories that you both have.

As your father gets older, there will likely be a lot of changes to his demeanor. You may notice that he wants to do things on his own, as he is trying to prove to both you and he that he is capable of still accomplishing everyday tasks. Your father may even try to overcompensate, leading him to be at risk for falls or injuries, as he tries to prove that he is not as fragile as you may think. It is important that you are there to support your father during this time of transition both mentally and emotionally, but physically as well.

What to Do if You Are Unable to Physically Be There for Dad

If you are unable to be there with your father due to geographical locations or prior engagements, an in-home caregiver may the best option for you and your family. By hiring an in-home caregiver, you are giving your father the care and attention that he needs in order to continue to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Professionally trained and highly skilled in-home caregivers can be the support that you need during this time, while supporting your father simultaneously.

So, what will an in-home caregiver do for you and your family? It’s simple: they will provide essential nonmedical home care duties that will ensure that your father is taken care of while you are unable to physically be there. There are several different services that in-home care providers offer, including:

  • Light housekeeping, such as laundry and making sure that all the surfaces are clean, and the home is suitable for a healthy environment. Having a caregiver come in to provide light housekeeping for your father will allow him to enjoy a clean home, without straining himself to make sure that it is cleaned properly.
  • Hiring an in-home caregiver to assist with meal preparation for your father ensures that he is well nourished and is eating the proper foods. Not only will the caregiver assist with cooking the meals, but they will also assist with grocery shopping and making sure that your father eats what he is told to by their medical professional.
  • Personal care for your father gives him the ability to dress or groom with a caregiver’s assistance, as well as bathing and walking around! A caregiver could help with your father’s personal hygiene, as well as making sure that they are able to use their restrooms without issues.
  • If your father has a prescribed medication plan, he may need the assistance of an in-home caregiver to make sure he is taking the proper amount of his medicine, at the right times. Medication reminders via a caregiver can give family peace of mind that their loved one is complying by their doctors’ orders.
  • Simple companionship when you are unable to spend time with your father is beneficial for both his mental and physical health. Not only will someone be there for him to ensure he is happy and in a good place mentally, but a caregiver can provide companionship by accompanying him to his doctors appointments or outings, to ensure he is safe.

If your father needs companionship, an in-home caregiver can provide that and so much more. Your father took care of you through out your lifetime and it is time to make sure he is taken care of. Give him the gift of health and happiness by providing him with a highly skilled in-home caregiver.

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