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Update on 24 Hour Home Care’s health & safety protocol with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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24 Point Screening Process

24 Hour Home Care® only employs the most passionate, dedicated, and qualified Caregivers to look after our senior clients. Our 24 Point screening process and standards have helped us continuously select and retain quality, all-star Caregivers who have worked with us since our company was first founded. Only the top 4% of applicants are selected to be 24 Hour Home Care® caregivers, after which each caretaker goes through a structured training program. This is why we consider our Caregivers to be the best in the industry.

  1. Professional Caregiving Experience, Certification from the Department of Public Health, or Caregiver Academy Certified
  2. Phone Screen to Determine Qualifications, Experience, & Skill Set
  3. Caregiver Competency Assessment
  4. OSHA Examination Based on Bloodborne Illness and Pathogens
  5. HIPAA Examination Based on Patient Privacy and Rights
  6. Integrity/Ethics Testing
  7. Physical Capabilities Assessment
  8. Interview Assessing the Candidates Professional Experience as a Caregiver
  9. Interview to Evaluate Personal Characteristics & Career Goals
  10. Skill Set Evaluation
  11. Employment Eligibility Verification
  12. Verification of Professional Caregiving References
  13. Tuberculosis Test or Chest X-Ray
  14. Driver Safety Quiz and DMV Check
  15. Nationwide Sex Offender Check
  16. Office of Inspector General Fraud and Exclusions Check
  17. Nationwide Criminal Background Check (DOJ and FBI fingerprinting in CA)
  18. Caregiver Orientation and Exam on Policies and Procedures of 24 Hour Home Care®
  19. Hands-On Transfer Training
  20. Exclusive Fall Prevention Certification Program
  21. Whole24-Diagnosis Specific Nutrition Training
  22. Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Training by Alzheimer’s Association, California Southland Chapter
  23. American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Training
  24. Basic Health and Safety Training