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A Most Heartwarming Christmas Story

orange boyEvery year, 24 Hour Home Care’s offices hold toy drives for the amazing children we serve. This year, we wanted to share a story that really hit home. The little boy below is the big brother of the baby in the picture. The baby was born at only 27 weeks old, and weighed just 1 lb. Now 5 months old, the baby is 6 lbs, almost at the lighter end of a full-term newborn.

At our Regional Center of Orange County toy drive, the little boy slipped away from his family to ask one of our toy drive staff members if he could pick out a gift for his mom. She helped him select a scarf for his mom before helping him find gifts for his baby brother, dog and cat. Our staff managed to wrap the scarf without his mom’s knowledge, but she caught a glance of her gift when he placed the gift tag that read, “Mom” on it. In that moment, we could see how moved she was by her son’s gesture.

This little boy showed no concern for finding himself a gift at our toy drive. His selflessness reminded us of the true spirit of Christmas!

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